KSS Training Ltd Courses

We run the courses listed below on a Public and Private basis.
Public courses: Are marketed and produced on behalf of KSS Training by organisations such as Incisive Media PLC, or directly by ourselves.
Private courses: Are marketed in the same way as public courses, but run on an in-house basis. This offers opportunities for customisation of the content to take into account the individual team skill sets and training objectives.

Market Data and FISD/FIA Introduction Courses: These courses can be used to provide comprehensive preparation for the globally recognised FISD/FIA Level 1 accreditation exam. KSST is recognised by FISD as an approved training resource for the exam and attendees are eligible for a discount on the exam fee if they attend all four courses. Depending on the level of knowledge of the candidates, this set of 4 courses can be run over 2 or 3 days. Those wishing to cover the entire syllabus must attend all four courses.

MKTS-1: The Markets
DATA-1: The Data
TECH-1: The Technology
VNCM-1: Vendors & Commercials
The full FISD course brochure is available at:   Download PDF

Full Day Intermediate Courses: More in-depth and specialised courses are also available. These focus on particular aspects of the Market Data industry and aim to increase the level of knowledge in specific areas of relevance to attendee particular job functions.

ADCC-12: Market Data Administration and Cost Optimisation – Legal ownership, Liabilities, Data access control, Usage reporting and Vendor Management.
EDMT-12: Enterprise Data Management – The Governance and Management of all aspects of Market and Reference Data from a Business perspective.
FMST-12: Financial Markets Systems and Technology – Traditional Platforms, High Frequency, Algo Trading, Low Latency and Big Data technologies.
REFD-12: Reference Data – The Data, its origination, structure, symbology, cleaning, storage and efficient source selection.
REGN-12: Market Reform and Regulation – Background to the current tsunami of Regulations; why are they needed, the business impacts and the compliance challenge.
TREP-12: Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform – Overview of the latest Middleware Platform offering from Thomson Reuters, including commercial optimisation, sizing and integration with Third-Party Data Feed products.
BCBS-12: BCBS 239 – A drill down into the Market Data aspects of this key piece of Regulation.

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